Trip Planning for the Grand Canyon

The Canyon is a big place and we are here to help you plan your trip. Whether you’re looking at a hike on the south rim, or a backpack to Havasu Falls, Hydros Adventures will help you find the right tour. Use out website to plan the best trip possible before you leave for the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure. You can go for a leisurely day hike or set out on a 5 day backpacking adventure. You can go on a relaxing smoothwater river tip, or set-out on an exhilarating whitewater expedition. There are four star hotels, campgrounds and RV parks. Whatever type of Grand Canyon trip you’re looking to plan,Hydros Adventures is here to help.

The Grand Canyon has an amazing number of tours that will make your trip one you'll never forget. From backpacking and mule rides, to day hikes and whitewater rafting the Grand Canyon has an adventure tour that you're sure to enjoy. Learn More about Tours

Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas are a vacation wonderland for those who love natural beauty. The Colorado Plateau has an astounding variety or adventure and vacations packages to keep you busy for the duration of your Grand Canyon vacation. Learn More about Grand Canyon Vacations


Grand Canyon National Park is the place most people focus on when they travel to the Grand Canyon area. Many of those visitors miss out on all of the other National Parks that are right down the road. Check out what the other area parks have to offer to make your Grand Canyon trip even better. Learn More about National Park Tours

The Grand Canyon and American Southwest are not only great places for adventure, they are also great destinations to take your time and enjoy all of the natural beauty you're surrounded by. Drive along the rim of the Grand Canyon, take a short walk through Antelope Canyon and watch a sunset on your trip to the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas. Learn More about Southwest Tours


The weather at Grand Canyon National Park varies dramatically from the rim to the river. Make sure you come prepared for your Grand Canyon trip, by learning all you can about Grand Canyon weather before you arrive. Learn More about Weather

Find the right hotel for your Grand Canyon Adventures on Hydros Adventures. We have a great list of lodging options for different Grand Canyon Activities. Learn more about Grand Canyon Hotels.

Good maps and directions will make your Grand Canyon trip easier and more enjoyable. Check out our Grand Canyon Maps and Directions pages to get ready for your Grand Canyon trip. Learn More about Maps and Directions


Hydros Adventures has the answers to all of your questions about Grand Canyon Adventure. Learn More about FAQ