Grand Canyon Adventure Planning Enlightened

Grand Canyon trip planning Enlightened

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Bright Angel Loop Backpack

This is the classic Grand Canyon backpacking adventure. Starting on the South Kaibab, you will descend through 1.7 billion years of geologic history on a trail built for its expansive vistas. Kaibab is the Paiute Indian word for the Grand Canyon, and translated means "mountain turned upside down".  The South Kaibab .  Along the way you'll pass through nearly all of Arizona life zones, experiencing a perspective of the Canyon unattainable from the Rim.  Once you reach the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you'll use a suspension bridge to cross the mighty Colorado River, and make your way to the historic Bright Angel Campground. Once you've reached Bright Angel, you'll set up camp along the creek so can relax and enjoy the evening.
Number of Days: 3-5 
Distance: 17mi/27km (not including day hikes)
Elevation Change: 4380ft/1335m