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Grand Canyon National Park sees nearly 5 million visitors each year, with an average visitation time of only 2 hours! For those of you who want a true Grand Canyon adventure tour, recreation abounds, and a lifetime of exploration is at your fingertips. Grand Canyon hiking, Grand Canyon camping an backpacking, and Grand Canyon whitewater rafting are some of the most popular Grand Canyon tours. Rapture migrations, fly-fishing, and sightings of California Condors and Bighorn Sheep can all be part of your day. This is a destination that brings people from around the world, so don't sell yourself short, and remember, you can't see it all, but you can live each experience to its fullest!
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Whether you're looking for Grand Canyon day hikes, Camping and backpacking trips, an adventure vacation to Havasu Falls, Colorado River white water rafting trips through the Grand Canyon, or all-inclusive vacation packages from the North Rim or South Rim, Hydros will help you find a tour that suit your needs.
We also offer a wealth of vacation options for Grand Canyon National Park, Havasu Canyon and Sedona, including tour information on Zion National Park, Lake Powell,  Bryce Canyon National Park and Monument Valley.
Our website is full of Grand Canyon facts and information, and beautiful Grand Canyon pictures. You can read popular trail descriptions for hikes on the Bright Angel, South Kaibab, or North Kaibab trails.  Educate yourself on Phantom Ranch (Bright Angel Campground) and Grand Canyon smoothwater rafting, or rim to rim hiking trips. Whatever your interests may be, Hydros Adventures is dedicated to providing the information you need for a once in a lifetime adventure tour to the Colorado Plateau and its masterpiece, the Grand Canyon.  If you are looking for even more information on Grand Canyon National Park check out the Grand Canyon Guru.
The best overall weather at Grand Canyon National Park is usually during the Spring (March-May) and Fall (September-November). Summer (June-August) is extremely hot and dry, although the monsoons bring some relief with afternoon rain from July to August. The Winter months (December-February) are cold with short days. There are however, exceptions to every rule, like whitewater rafting tours which are best in the hot summer months.
The North Rim is only open from May 15th to October 15th, with the road staying open until the first snow, which is usually some time in November. Hiking and camping on the North Rim's alpine-like environment of over 8,000 ft is a wonderful way to avoid the summer heat, or you can get in that Rim to Rim hike for some relief. The hotter months of May through September are also the best time for Grand Canyon river rafting due to the cool 45-degree water of the Colorado River. Summer is also a popular time to go to Havasu Falls, because of the endless opportunities to swim in pristine pools beneath Havasu Canyon's beautiful waterfalls.
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The Grand Canyon is a vast place where driving can take many hours to get from one destination to the next. Grand Canyon Village, located on the South Rim, is the most popular Grand Canyon vacation and tour destination, and the place where most images you have seen of the Canyon probably came from.  Grand Canyon Village is a 4-hour drive from Phoenix, and a 5-hour drive from Las Vegas. The closest cities are Williams, AZ (1hr) and Flagstaff, AZ (1.5 hrs). To get to the North Rim, it is a 3 hour drive from Grand Canyon Village, 5 hours from Las Vegas via Zion National Park, and 6 hours from Phoenix. Another popular destination is Havasu Falls, located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. The trail head for Supai is about 3 hours from Grand Canyon Village, 5 hours from Phoenix, and 4 hours from Las Vegas. Most hotels are located in Grand Canyon Village, or in the town of Tusayan, which is only a few miles from the South Entrance. There are some accommodations near Havasu Falls and the North Rim. Grand Canyon National Park is open year-round, 24 hours a day, unless bad weather, wildfires, or other conditions cause road or trail closure. It costs $25 per vehicle to get into the park, with extra fees for backpacking and camping adventures. 

One of the seven wonders of the natural world, Grand Canyon National Park was established in 1919, only 5 years after Arizona became a state. The Grand Canyon itself, however, began forming 10 million years ago, and exposes geologic formations close to 2 billion years old. This is a little shy of the world's oldest rocks, which are found in Canada and date back 4 billion years. The main tool in the formation of this grand canyon is the Colorado River, which is used to measure the Grand Canyon's length of 277 miles, great news fro Grand Canyon Rafting enthusiasts. Near Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim, the Canyon measures 1 mile deep, and 10 miles across offering a great challenge for visitors hiking the Grand Canyon.  The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a 1,000 feet higher than the South Rim, and the widest section of the canyon is nearly 18 miles. The Grand Canyon starts at Lee's Ferry (below Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Dam), and ends at Grand Wash Cliffs near Lake Mead/Hoover Dam. Grand Canyon National Park makes up 1.2 million acres of the Grand Canyon, with the rest being on the Hualapai and Havasupai Reservations, or other federal lands.   

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